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How to save a crumbling relationship? Over the bed!

If you are not satisfied in bed, it will affect other parts of the relationship, and conversely, if it doesn’t work out for you, you probably won’t be happy to go to bed together. Thus, the improvement of bed moments can significantly help to save the relationship.

There are many ways to enhance your sexual experience. You will have to invest a little in some, but you can do others without special equipment. So there is no room for excuses, revive your love at the next opportunity!

Awaken in yourself the excitement

In every relationship, one day the original great desire disappears. If you want to bring it back, boost your excitement with aphrodisiacs. You can buy some aphrodisiacs in specialized shops (sex shops), a typical example being Spanish flies. But you may have another one in the kitchen! Dark chocolate or spicy foods act as an aphrodisiac.

Tune in comfortably

Colombo escort is not only important for women. The right atmosphere can play a role in men as well. And how to create it? For example, a romance that has already disappeared from your relationship. Go to a good dinner together, try to really pay attention to each other one evening, to perceive the other and to pay full attention to him. Pheromones, ie substances that attract the opposite sex, could also help you.

Put on sexy lingerie

After 10 years of relationship, you may no longer look as irresistible as at the beginning. But that doesn’t mean you can’t do anything about it. Learn nicely, smell, get new underwear. It may seem like advice for women, but even for a man, it’s nice to take care of yourself. Being clean, fragrant and well-groomed is essential if you want to sexually attract someone.

Try to use what you have at home

Nobody still enjoys the same sex, so it is necessary to bring an innovation to the bedroom from time to time. You don’t have to buy anything at all to get started, quite possibly you can do with the things you normally have at home. For example, a scarf or tie that you bring your partner to the bed can serve as handcuffs on your hands. Reach into the freezer for ice, which you will gently run over the skin of the naked body.

Go to the sex shop

You don’t have to go to any stone shop, just an e-shop. There you will find so many toys that can improve your sex life that you will not even know which one to choose - rather a classic, such as a dildo, or something more interesting, such as vibrating eggs? The offer is varied for both ladies and gentlemen. Many people are still afraid of erotic toys, they consider them something bad. But whoever tries them once, buys more and more. They can really spice up a relationship and color the gray boredom of everyday life.

If you are gathering courage and planning to finally start discovering the world of erotic aids, be sure to check out the social networks and blog of the sex shop Růžový There you will find a lot of reviews and instructions, which are like made not only for beginners in this field.