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The most common erotic imaginations

It is said that everyone has erotic escorts and whoever distances himself from them has the most. But what are the most common ones? One thing is clear, we would not always want to realize the stories that take place in our thoughts in reality.

Surprisingly, the erotic fantasies of men and women do not differ as significantly as they might seem. In their ideas, women tend to be much bolder and more spontaneous than they are in reality. One of the most common erotic dreams of both sexes is sex with a counterpart in uniform. For this reason, try escort girls in Sydney. They are traditionally led by nurses, flight attendants, but surprisingly there are also nuns, probably the lure of forbidden fruit. But aviation is generally in the course, women prefer fictional games with pilots, doctors and doctors and reporters of all kinds, the profession of plumber or electrician.

He dreams of a man from a poster

Women often can’t help but imagine getting closer to their idol - actor or singer from a poster. Conversely, men often indulge in feeling overjoyed when several women are happy at the same time. Homosexual and lesbian appetites are definitely no exception. But they concern more women. Even gentlemen are not left behind and sometimes they have sex with their good friend or, unfortunately, even more often, making love with their partner’s best friend or with both of them at the same time.

However, women do not resist similar ideas. An equally common female fantasy is also the rape of a relatively gross character in the gloom of an unknown city by an unknown man … Both sexes then also greatly enjoy making love at the place where they are observed. The sight of the voyeur’s eagerly staring eyes, whether familiar or completely foreign, is often very exciting.

Trust is important

Some of these most common erotic fantasies are certainly quite feasible, but it is probably better to confide in them and possibly try to realize them with someone we completely trust. After all, such an idea of ​​lying on a escort already undressed and erotically chained to the bed with its newly discovered “love”, which suddenly summons the entire staff of the celebration to come and see the defenseless creature unable to move, is not exactly ideal … And how are you? Do you think of similar ideas already described here, or do you deviate from the average and are you more imaginative in your fantasies?