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Some women pretend to orgasm for life

Have you ever wondered what perfect love should look like? Should everything really look like Hollywood movies, or are movie games a complete fiction that has planted a seed of distrust in your mind?

According to sexologists, sexual arousal disorders are among the most common. While in men it is difficult to mask the lack of arousal, in women an orgasm can be pretended for life. According to surveys, even over fifty percent of women have ever pretended to have an orgasm.

The reasons are different

This is often because they want to have sex as soon as possible and their partner naively thinks that the longer the love lasts, the more interesting it is for the woman. When a woman plays an orgasm, her partner can happily finish her work. Other women pretend to please their husband, who would otherwise feel under a dog if he could not satisfy his partner. Other reasons for pretending to be in love may stem from uncertainty so that they do not look dysfunctional in their partner’s eyes or to resemble their screenplay patterns, which never have similar problems. Perfect movie sex can be the beginning of problems. On screen, everything looks perfect, burning candles, romantic music, perfect conversations. And when it comes down to it, the happy couple jumps into bed without a single snag, caresses for a while, and then together they reach their climax. In real life, the reality is usually different, so first sex can bring disappointment and disappointment to young people.

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Wound for men

The longer a woman pretends to have an orgasm, the worse it is possible to improve her situation. It is difficult for many partners to accept the idea that, despite considering sex life satisfactory, a woman pretends to have an orgasm all her life. For men, such a finding is, of course, an uncertainty and a blow to his self-confidence. Women are afraid to admit that they need other activities and a different way of excitement. They are worried that admitting the fact would end their relationship. Therefore, if a woman is not able to take responsibility for her orgasm and a better sex life into her own hands, it is likely that she will never be satisfied enough. Fortunately, no sexual topic is taboo anymore, and women are no longer afraid to talk about their needs and feelings. This is mainly related to better information for young people and sexual issues, what they are entitled to in love and how to fulfill it.