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How to save a crumbling relationship? Over the bed!

If you are not satisfied in bed, it will affect other parts of the relationship, and conversely, if it doesn’t work out for you, you probably won’t be happy to go to bed together. Thus, the improvement of bed moments can significantly help to save the relationship.

There are many ways to enhance your sexual experience. You will have to invest a little in some, but you can do others without special equipment. So there is no room for excuses, revive your love at the next opportunity!

Awaken in yourself the excitement

In every relationship, one day the original great desire disappears. If you want to bring it back, boost your excitement with aphrodisiacs. You can buy some aphrodisiacs in specialized shops (sex shops), a typical example being Spanish flies. But you may have another one in the kitchen! Dark chocolate or spicy foods act as an aphrodisiac.

Tune in comfortably

Colombo escort is not only important for women. The right atmosphere can play a role in men as well. And how to create it? For example, a romance that has already disappeared from your relationship. Go to a good dinner together, try to really pay attention to each other one evening, to perceive the other and to pay full attention to him. Pheromones, ie substances that attract the opposite sex, could also help you.

Put on sexy lingerie

After 10 years of relationship, you may no longer look as irresistible as at the beginning. But that doesn’t mean you can’t do anything about it. Learn nicely, smell, get new underwear. It may seem like advice for women, but even for a man, it’s nice to take care of yourself. Being clean, fragrant and well-groomed is essential if you want to sexually attract someone.

Try to use what you have at home

Nobody still enjoys the same sex, so it is necessary to bring an innovation to the bedroom from time to time. You don’t have to buy anything at all to get started, quite possibly you can do with the things you normally have at home. For example, a scarf or tie that you bring your partner to the bed can serve as handcuffs on your hands. Reach into the freezer for ice, which you will gently run over the skin of the naked body.

Go to the sex shop

You don’t have to go to any stone shop, just an e-shop. There you will find so many toys that can improve your sex life that you will not even know which one to choose - rather a classic, such as a dildo, or something more interesting, such as vibrating eggs? The offer is varied for both ladies and gentlemen. Many people are still afraid of erotic toys, they consider them something bad. But whoever tries them once, buys more and more. They can really spice up a relationship and color the gray boredom of everyday life.

If you are gathering courage and planning to finally start discovering the world of erotic aids, be sure to check out the social networks and blog of the sex shop Růžový There you will find a lot of reviews and instructions, which are like made not only for beginners in this field.

The most common erotic imaginations

It is said that everyone has erotic escorts and whoever distances himself from them has the most. But what are the most common ones? One thing is clear, we would not always want to realize the stories that take place in our thoughts in reality.

Surprisingly, the erotic fantasies of men and women do not differ as significantly as they might seem. In their ideas, women tend to be much bolder and more spontaneous than they are in reality. One of the most common erotic dreams of both sexes is sex with a counterpart in uniform. For this reason, try escort girls in Sydney. They are traditionally led by nurses, flight attendants, but surprisingly there are also nuns, probably the lure of forbidden fruit. But aviation is generally in the course, women prefer fictional games with pilots, doctors and doctors and reporters of all kinds, the profession of plumber or electrician.

He dreams of a man from a poster

Women often can’t help but imagine getting closer to their idol - actor or singer from a poster. Conversely, men often indulge in feeling overjoyed when several women are happy at the same time. Homosexual and lesbian appetites are definitely no exception. But they concern more women. Even gentlemen are not left behind and sometimes they have sex with their good friend or, unfortunately, even more often, making love with their partner’s best friend or with both of them at the same time.

However, women do not resist similar ideas. An equally common female fantasy is also the rape of a relatively gross character in the gloom of an unknown city by an unknown man … Both sexes then also greatly enjoy making love at the place where they are observed. The sight of the voyeur’s eagerly staring eyes, whether familiar or completely foreign, is often very exciting.

Trust is important

Some of these most common erotic fantasies are certainly quite feasible, but it is probably better to confide in them and possibly try to realize them with someone we completely trust. After all, such an idea of ​​lying on a escort already undressed and erotically chained to the bed with its newly discovered “love”, which suddenly summons the entire staff of the celebration to come and see the defenseless creature unable to move, is not exactly ideal … And how are you? Do you think of similar ideas already described here, or do you deviate from the average and are you more imaginative in your fantasies?

Scientifically proven -- chocolate will save your fading love life and give you a new zest for life

Do you watch for yourself how well-being and relaxation begin to flow through your veins after you have a square of chocolate? Then it’s not just your impression, the positive effects of chocolate have been proven by a number of scientific studies.

Dopamine and serotonin fly upwards

Chocolate and especially cocoa beans are the source of a number of substances that act on the human brain as a stimulant. Their influence has recently been confirmed by Swiss researchers, who examined the difference in the experience of a group of people consuming chocolate compared to an equally large reference group of people who did not eat chocolate. The results are not surprising. The direct connection between the increase in the level of so-called lucky hormones, dopamine and serotonin, and regular consumption of chocolate was confirmed. Subjects who were part of the chocolate-eating control group also had demonstrably lower levels of stress hormones, such as cortisol or catecholamine, and felt subjectively more comfortable. Chocolate also promotes the excretion of the substance phenylethylamine produced by the human limbic system, which is formed in the brain, among other things, when in contact with an attractive and attractive person.

What is chocolate made of and how?

The key ingredient is cocoa beans, which are the fruit of the cacao tree. After harvest, they are first fermented and then dried so that they can be transported over long distances. These are then roasted and crushed into small pieces so that they can be ground and obtained from the dry matter from which cocoa and cocoa butter are made. This is finally added to the chocolate again together with sugar and milk powder or lecithin to enhance the taste. In addition, it is possible to add other flavoring ingredients, such as nuts, dried fruits, alcohol, spices and the like. After that, only the resulting mass is poured into molds, allowed to solidify, packed and travels to the customer.

A natural aphrodisiac not only for women

Among other things, scientific research has also shown a link between the consumption of chocolate and the intensity and satisfaction with sexual life. This is due to an amino acid called Arginine, which has been shown to have aphrodisiac effects. So, gentlemen, do you still use chocolate only as a means of improving your partner’s mood? Don’t you want to bite too?

Some women pretend to orgasm for life

Have you ever wondered what perfect love should look like? Should everything really look like Hollywood movies, or are movie games a complete fiction that has planted a seed of distrust in your mind?

According to sexologists, sexual arousal disorders are among the most common. While in men it is difficult to mask the lack of arousal, in women an orgasm can be pretended for life. According to surveys, even over fifty percent of women have ever pretended to have an orgasm.

The reasons are different

This is often because they want to have sex as soon as possible and their partner naively thinks that the longer the love lasts, the more interesting it is for the woman. When a woman plays an orgasm, her partner can happily finish her work. Other women pretend to please their husband, who would otherwise feel under a dog if he could not satisfy his partner. Other reasons for pretending to be in love may stem from uncertainty so that they do not look dysfunctional in their partner’s eyes or to resemble their screenplay patterns, which never have similar problems. Perfect movie sex can be the beginning of problems. On screen, everything looks perfect, burning candles, romantic music, perfect conversations. And when it comes down to it, the happy couple jumps into bed without a single snag, caresses for a while, and then together they reach their climax. In real life, the reality is usually different, so first sex can bring disappointment and disappointment to young people.

Escort experiments in Antwerp

There are cities in the world that are worth arriving by train. And Antwerp escort is one of them. The local multi-storey neoclassical building of the main railway station from the beginning of the century will prepare you a truly majestic entrance to the second largest city in Belgium. The walls of colored marble, the castle-like halls and the elegant station clock suggest that Antwerp will be worth it.

Wound for men

The longer a woman pretends to have an orgasm, the worse it is possible to improve her situation. It is difficult for many partners to accept the idea that, despite considering sex life satisfactory, a woman pretends to have an orgasm all her life. For men, such a finding is, of course, an uncertainty and a blow to his self-confidence. Women are afraid to admit that they need other activities and a different way of excitement. They are worried that admitting the fact would end their relationship. Therefore, if a woman is not able to take responsibility for her orgasm and a better sex life into her own hands, it is likely that she will never be satisfied enough. Fortunately, no sexual topic is taboo anymore, and women are no longer afraid to talk about their needs and feelings. This is mainly related to better information for young people and sexual issues, what they are entitled to in love and how to fulfill it.